lunes, 10 de julio de 2017

Interview - Dietsches Omsa

1.Raw and chaotic greetings from Perú brother! all brutal in OMSA? OMSA is as strong as it ever was. We have Pool Skaters from all over the World in our Team who are over 50 years old who still destroy Pools, Pipes ,Ramps ,Streets and Ditches every Day. We are out there and we refuse to quit.

2.Give me a short and destructive bio about OMSA. Well first i have to say that O.M.S.A. is not a Brand or a Company. It is a Team of Old Pool Skaters who skate for almost 40 Years now ( some even longer ) and who have never stopped. I founded the O.M.S.A. in 1987, inspired by Jim Muir who was running it as a local Team in Venice Beach. I really liked the Idear. I kinda steeled it from Jim and made an international Team out of it. I added a couple of Legends like Alva, Adams ( R.I.P. ), Jim Muir, Shogo ( R.I.P. ), Hackett, Olson,Danforth, Dressen, Salba, Duncan and a couple of more rippers from all over the world. I was still young in 1987 but skateboarding around me changed so quick that i suddenly felt old. I was an old Vert Dog that could not Olli. It was pure irony back then. Who would have thought that i still skate today being 54 Years old. Never stopped !

3.OMSA have a killer team,who form this?
Well that was all me, i founded it and i decide who is on the Team.

4. Skateboarding is Punk Rock ! is the idea man! tell me about the bands what you have influence?
Let me first say how i got to that slogan- Skatebording is Punk Rock-- I was in Venice Beach in California when Thrasher Magazine came out with that Issue of Jay Adams on the Cover grinding a Pool. The only text on the cover was .. Skateboarding is....... I just comleted the Text with Punk Rock because thats what Skateboarding is to me .I made a couple of Stickers and some T shirts with that Slogan SKATEBOARDING IS PUNK ROCK when i got back home. I grew up listening to Punk Rock and Skating to it. We rode our Boards to the Bars and to the Concerts. We always had our Boards with us. Skateboarding and Punk Rock go hand in hand, period . Skateboarding is Punk Rock !! Every high Energy music is good to skate too.

5.Tell us about the proyects in OMSA Pool Services.
Built Pools, clean them, skate them and destroy them !!!

6.Actutally how many stuff have OMSA avaliable? boards,t-shirts,patches,stickers?
Right now i have nothing to sell but i love to design stuff like Boards, T Shirts, Patches, Stickers for OMSA and sometimes i also sell some of this stuff, I also did OMSAZINE which was a Teamzine that you can find online to download.
7.How is the underground scene from skateboarding in your country / city?
Very good. Can not be better !!!! i know alot of skaters who are super kreativ in drawing, tattoing , running skate shops, having little skate brands and who play really good music.The Underground is alive !!!

8.A word to:

JAY ADAMS I met him a couple of times. He was a really nice Person and awesome Skater. Punker, Styler, Legend, Inspiration, R.I.P.

DIY: The DIY movement of today is absolutly amazing ! Do not wait for the City to build you a crappy Skatepark that you have to share with Bikers , Bladers and fucking Scooter Kids. Built your own shit !! Skateboarders know the best what they need and want. Take it in your own hands, be kreativ, work hard for it and you will enjoy the final Result to the fullest. For me, the DIY movement started in 1976. I built my own Skateboard and then the first Ramp which was just a piece of wood leaned against a wall. That later turned to the first transitioned Ramps, Halfpipes, Bowls , Pools, Streetareas and so on. I worked as a professional Ramp Builder for Years and i got the chance to built some amazing stuff. We always built our own Ramps in my Hometown, from 1976 till today. We had something selfbuilt to skate over all the years. We built everything out of wood cause that was all we know. I wish we had the concrete experience the Kids have today. You can build much more with concrete, more crazy stuff and way easier than with wood.

MISFITS: Good Music.


9.You know some from the skateboarding scene in Perú? any shit?
I have seen a couple of Skateparks that my Skate Buddy Pierre Jambe built in Perú. They look really good !!

10.Future plans in OMSA?
Just keep skating , built and skate more Pools 11.Hey rad bro! thanks for your time! last words! Thanks alot for given me the chance to do this Interview. I really hope i will make it to Peru one day so we can have a session together. See you in the Pool ! Always remember... Loose Trucks save Lives !

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jueves, 15 de junio de 2017

Interview - Victor Cascarigny

1.Greetings from Peru Victor,bro how are you? hows going the things there?
Hey Diego ! Greetings from France man ! I’m fine thanks, I’ve been for a few days with the volcom team in South of France and the next week with the okla Team (my local skateshop in toulouse) in spain ! It was awesome ! So my skateboarding life rolls well ! For now, I’m working with my filmer/photographe Mathieu Bernaz in a lot of projects.

2.Tell us how you start ride skate,What was your motivation?
I started skateboarding when i was 11years old. My motivation was the best motivation ever : Friends ! They started skateboarding and I was like « yeah that looks great, let’s do this! »

3.Which are your influences?
I watch some skate videos, I love watching Evan Smith, Shane O’neil and other legends like that but I think that every skateboarders have to find his own style. Personal style is where you see the genius of the person. Look at Albert Nyberg or Deawon Song and you will quickly known what I mean.

4.Which are your tricks what you thinking are the most killers in your skateboarding?
Like I said, style matters. So even an olie can be an impactive tricks. I love doing Hardflip, Back 3 and Nose many nolle flip.

5.About the skateboarding from your city? tell us how is there? diy spots?
Skateboarding in Toulouse is relax. I’m not often in Toulouse because I travel a lot, so when I’m there I like to call friends for a good sunny skate sess with beer ! We’ve got 2 DIY spots, one called Dalavas built by Lucas Puig and his friends, it’s kind of a street plaza, and the new one called ‘la digue’, it’s a mini ramp with edge.

6.You have some support from some brand actually?
Yeah, i have the chance to have Okla skateshop in Toulouse who helps me a lot to realize my projects, Supra Flow, Element Flow and I am also part of the volcom team France.

7.Acutally you are part from some video-part?I’ve almost done my video part (Mathieu and I working on it everyday!), will be sick, love to do this with my friend Mathieu ! We did a miniramp Part called Mokuton few weeks ago on youtube. You can go check this out on Mathieu’s channel called NazBear.

8.You know some from the skateboarding from Southamerica?
Not at all dude, you need to show me, I have to come visit you ! 

9.Bowl? Vert? Street? what you prefer?
I love everything about skateboarding but I don’t skate vert often because there isn’t a vert ramp in toulouse… I’m used to start with a bit of bowl and then going in the street !

10.Future plans?
Oh yeah, Everything is moving on. I will may be live in Barcelona Next year, keep on skating harder and harder and always shooting with Mathieu.

11.Last words Victor and thanks for your time in this interview!
I wanna thank you for your interest and would love to come in Peru, that’s a place I don’t often hear of. Thanks also to my mum who is behind me in the hardest moments. I also wanna thanks this peace of wood with 4 wheels which gives me the good taste of the life every single day.Peace and never forget to make your own way. As my mum said : ‘Do it your way, the victory is here !