sábado, 11 de noviembre de 2017

Interview - Jimbo Phillips

1.Rad greetings from Peru Jimbo! is a pleasure doing this interview with you brother! How are you? Hows going the things there?
Thanks! Things are good, been busy creating graphics, doing art shows and running my online store here in Santa Cruz, California.

2.Tell us how you started doing sick artwork, how were your beginnings?
My father is an artist so art was always part of my life, I’ve been drawing since I can remember.  My dad had all kinds of rad art around so I would always look at that, along with comic books, cartoons and Mad magazine
And I would draw all the time. After I graduated from high school, I started working for my dad and he taught me a lot about creating professional artwork. After 3 years of working with my dad, I started my own graphic arts business.

3.What are your influences and inspirations to translate them into your work?
I am inspired by surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, art, music, punk rock, heavy metal, reggae, Beer, weed, cars, girls, tikis, nature, the ocean, forests, cities, comedy, anger, fear, happiness and Love. Etc.
I like to express cool ideas along with intensity, humor and some grossness,  I like a graphic that catches your attention, then pulls you in to inspect the details!

4.You are currently working for Santa Cruz Skateboards,explain us about your work in this great brand of old school skateboarding.
I am a freelance artist. I like to do stuff for Santa Cruz skateboards, I have been doing stuff for them, on and off since 1989.  I love to do skateboard graphics, nothing beats working on a really kickass deck graphic.
And working for SC is cool because they have so much history and my dad is a huge part of that history so it feels good to continue the legacy!

5.Jimbo you work for another skateboarding brands currently?
I've done some stuff for other brands like Volcom, Bell helmets, Nike, Puma, Toyota, and I am currently doing some designs for Riot brewing, Merge 4 socks and Remind insoles.
Along with some posters for bands like Primus, Guns n Roses and Slightly Stoopid.

6.You are fan from terror,horror,gore movies?
Yea! I grew up watching the old black and white classics like Frankenstein, Creature from the Black Lagoon, and the Mummy, but I still watch horror and Sci-Fi movies all the time, some are good and some are bad haha!

7.You listen old school hardcore punk bands?
Yea I discovered Punk Rock in the early 80s with bands like Minor Threat, Bad Brains, Verbal Abuse, D.R.I. and  Fear etc. then got into thrash metal with Metallica, Slayer, Sepultura and Pantera etc.
In the early 90’s I started playing drums in a punk rock band and we played a lot of killer shows, it was a ton of fun! 
I still love to listen to new punk and metal like Propagandhi, A Wilhelm Scream, Mastodon and Baroness.
And I still like to play the drums every once in a while.

8.What is your opinion about the current skateboarding scene around the world?
To me the skateboard scene is the best it has ever been!  There are tons of great skateparks, the equipment has been perfected, and there are so many different ways to skate and they are all good!
Also Skate travel is great, discovering new parks and terrain and it is always fun to meet skaters from other countries, because we all have love for skateboarding in common!

9.How and where the maniac fans from the artwork from Jimbo Phillips can buy and find some from stuff?
My webstore at www.jimbophillips.com is the best place to find my stuff, I have a huge selection of stickers, prints, t-shirts, pins, skateboards and collectables along with some occasional original art.
I also did the new Blake Johnson pro model deck “Venice Origins” available at NSH  FUN FACTORY and a collab line of hats and accessories at Grass roots California.

10.Morbid future plans?
I plan to continue to expand my line of products for my website, and continue to do rad graphics for cool companies. Im also planning on finishing my first book soon.
And I’m helping my son Colby get involved with art and produce graphics, we went to Australia and did live art together at Bowl-a-Rama, it was awesome!

11.Jimbo,thanks a lot for your time in this interview,last words!
Keep skating and creating, stay healthy and have fun! Think positive, take care of the planet, and treat people with kindness. Question the media and what you’re being told, find the answers for yourself.
Never stop learning and tell your family you love them!  Follow me on instagram, twitter and Facebook! @jimbophillips  CHEERS!!!

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sábado, 14 de octubre de 2017

Interview - Gorilla

1.Loud and intense greetings from Peru,Johnny hows going the things in Gorilla?
Johnny - Cheers mate and a big hello to all Peruvian rockers!! Gorilla still going strong, regular UK gigs, and a recent split LPs with UK rockers Grifter, 4 tracks each per side! 

2.Tell us how is formed Gorilla? how was been the begings?
Johnny - Me and bass player Sarah Gorilla had just left the Morticians and wanted to do a full on heavy 3 piece band that had super loud to heavy dynamics and encompassed all our favourite bands, Sabbath, Budgie, Grand Funk, Blue Cheer, Fu Manchu etc, maximum fuzz, riffs and heaviness with a big 70's influence!

3.Actual discography from Gorilla?
Johnny - We did our 1st self titled and 2nd 'Gimme Some...' LPs at Toerag Studios in London, and our 3rd lp 'Rock Our Souls' followed. A split 7inch with Italian band OJM, as well as a couple of tracks on compilation albums, and as I mentioned, the split album with Grifter which came out last year!

4.Heavy and raw influences?
Johnny - All the bands mentioned above plus many more, you can guess from the music we play. We love 70's rock and also 60's bands like the Who, the Move, Pretty Things and some garage and psychedelic music, punk like theMC5 and Stooges, Motörhead and many more!

5.Some membe from Gorilla have another proyect paralell?
Johnny - I also do the Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell, who have 3 LPs out various singles and just fi wished a UK tour and a European tour with Blood Ceremony this year!

6.Explain some more about the rock stoner doom scene from your city? recommend some bands...
Johnny - There really is no stoner/doom scene where we live, for many, many years we were the only band here playing our kind of music, which is why we played more outside of our home town than any other band. We wanted to compete with the world not the local scene!!
Now things are better, Wytch Pycknyk and Wizard Fight are 2 very good heavy bands from Hastings worth checking out!

7.You know the rock stoner doom scene from Southamerica?
Johnny - Sadly I know nothing of the south American scene!! Please enlighten me!!! 

8.Stuff avaliable from Gorilla?
Johnny - Check our Facebook and Band Camp! Plenty of music available and t-shirts too!!

9.Morbid future plans?
Johnny - We are currently working on new songs for the next lp and have a tour of Europe next year, as well as UK gigs too!

10.Last words Johnny and thanks for your time in this interview mate
Johnny - Thanks to you too, hopefully one day we'll get to play in Peru!! That would be FUCKIN AWESOME!! Until then, drink a beer and smoke a joint for GORILLA!!! Rock on mate!!!


martes, 5 de septiembre de 2017

Entrevista - Juanfe Planas

1.Caóticos saludos Juanfe, como va todo alli? que novedades?
Habla Diego, primero chevere por la entrevista y nada pe aca resaqueado jajaj.

2.Cuentanos como empezaste a destruirte las rodillas y codos? como asi decidiste ser de la familia del skate destructivo?
Empece montando hace como 10 años creo jajaj, jugaba Tony Hawk en play 2 con un broder que ya no monta Cesar Caceres, él se compro un skate Birdhouse pro model Tony Hawk solo por el juego y ya pes ahí empezó todo.

3.Cuales son tus mayores influencias dentro de tu skateboarding?
El roknrol jajaja puta hay un culo pero los principales creo que son Sammy Baca que las dos veces que vino lo vi montar borrachaso y montaba de ptmr asi que esa webada me parecia de bravazo, también Tony Trujillo, Gravette, Andy Roy, Grant Taylor que es un hijo de perra patinando, todo el team Piss Drunx, Dustin Dollin en especial, Slash, Figgy y un culo mas que no me acuerdo ajajaj y obvio el padre Jay Adams y Geoff Rowley.

4.Actualmente te encuentras tocando en un proyecto de rock n roll llamado Reptil,cuentanos mas acerca sobre esto.
Reptil es una banda de hice con unos broders de roknrol, stoner, rock pesado, doom o como chucha quieran llamarlo. La banda se formo en enero de este año  y al comienzo fue un poco dificil porque el unico que sabia tocar era el guitarrista mientras que yo no tenia idea de como tocar bajo y el batero no tenia idea de como tocar bateria asi que aprendimos mientras tocabamos en los ensayos y eso, pero ya tamos mas cuadrados y sabemos mejor pa donde vamos, en un par de semanas saldra un EP de 5 canciones en version Tape/Cassette. Ahi les dejo el link de la pagina de fb pe y un video que nos grabaron en el ultimo concierto 

5.Cuales son tus spots preferidos para destruir tu tabla?
Las piramides de Santa Cruz me parece un spot maldito, el park de San Bartolo tambien me gusta un culo y los canales de la discoteca abandonada en Chorrillos

6.Que es para ti el DIY?
El DIY para mi cagarse en todos y hacer las cosas por ti, o sea si nadie te da apoyo en algo, algun proyecto o cualquier webada dices a la mierda ps y lo haces por tu cuenta, no te vas a quedar llorando esperando que pasen las cosas.

7.Que opinas sobre el actual movimiento skateboarder en nuestro pais? tu crees que hay el suficiente apoyo?
Desde que empece a montar ha crecido un culo y ahora hay un culo de apoyo, también hay muchas mas marcas nacionales, pero ahora todo esta mas formalizado, hay mas campeonatos, los skatepark están todos enrrejados y todos quieren ir a las olimpiadas y a street league, creo que se ha perdido un poco la escencia de lo que es o era el skateboarding antes, hay un culo de gente que solo piensa en auspicios y ser reconocidos por las marcas y eso no es pee.

8.Cuales son tus tricks que le preferies dar a una brutal session?
Me gusta darle Boneless a todo lo que pueda jajaja, Shovit Frontside y me gustaria darle flip fs a todo lo que pueda pero no me sale asi que esta de tarea, tambien me gusta hacer laybacks, wallrides y webadas que se me ocurran en el momento.

9.Actualmente tienes algun sponsor? tienes alguna crew,team? o como chu.. le quieran llamar?
Tengo mi sponsor infinito que ya mas que un sponsor es como una una familia FREEDOMX la marca del orejon Alberto Vargas que ahora se encuentra moviendo la marca en Europa y aca pronto la veran de nuevo en tiendas y en todo lo que tiene que ver con el SKATEROCK, tambien esta mi crew D4S en la que esta Franco Lopez (chupapito), Ro Arosena (El que le dio Pop Shovit Mute a las 17 de San Felipe), Erik Gilabert (nada que que decir de ese imbecil jajaj porque todo el mundo lo conoce), Joaquin Gonzales (tambien lo conoce todo el mundo, chibolo de mierda jajaj), yo que ya ps aca esta todo lo que necesitan saber. El team se hizo en honor a nuestro hermano Sebby en paz dezcance. Les dejo el link del primer video que hicimos y ojala salgan mas

10.Que planes tienes en mente para el podrido futuro,Juanfe?
Seguir tokando y montando, hacer viajes mismo king of the road a donde se pueda montar y tokar y nada pes chupar supongo jajaja.

11.Listo brother,tus ultimas lineas y gracias por tu tiempo,mantente rompiendo las reglas siempre!
Nunca dejen de montar, caguense en todo, caguense de risa y ROKNROL!!! 666